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RavenzCraft Arts Interview with Plemya

The Plemя group started its countdown in 2014, when guys just got together and really did not know how to make out all their crazy ideas in the rhymed lines and consonants of notes.

The project was created with the frontman giving (he is vocalist and percussionist), he owns the idea of ​​an atypical metal band in masks. Since the task was not simple, the first year was spent on creating more specific concepts and images. Each member of the group participated earlier in various musical projects, but since everyone had different tastes, and did not want to become attached to a particular style, much of the original material was discarded, redone, and only by the second year of the group's existence it acquired the current look.

All masks, racks and entourage - this is the work of the frontman of the group (he, by the way, the smith). Each of the guys imagined the picture, and the vocalist's skillful hands materialized all this. In 2016, the group successfully played the debut on the stage and by now has numerous performances at the festivals of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. In addition to playing on stage, the guys also organize shows in their performances: dances, fireworks, salutes. Often at their concerts, you can see the girls from the ethnic plastics studio Ketri. In 2016, the guys filmed their first video clip for the song Totem, which quickly got into rotation on Russian television. The operator and editor was a talented videographer Sergey Buben.

In 2017 the keyboardist came to Plemя and at the moment the group has 7 members: Vadim Shulga - percussion, vocals, Shapovalowa Marina - drums, Alexander Kardymon - guitar, Sylvester Palanevich - guitar, Dmitry Ivantsov - bass, back vocals, Dmitry Duganov - Flutes, backing vocals, Vitaly Borovkov - keyboards. In November 21 band released debut album Enūma Eliš.

1.Well first I really want to thank you all for participating in the RavenzCraft Arts Interviews Project, we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us, and letting us get to know you better..

Can you start by telling us where you are from, and how and why you create and perform music?

Ubuy: Wanted to make an unusual sound, collected from the musical preferences of absolutely different people, ethnical metal, alternative.

Keyboardist: I've been playing for all my life.
It`s difficult to surprise me with something.
I was surprised and stayed

Dzmitry Duhanau (flutes): At the very beginning, when we were just assembled, our reference point was a mixture of something similar to Sepultura with the addition of wind and percussion. As a result, everything became completely different. The music came out of our control)

Ivantsov Dmitry: Hmm, for the first time I started to play music at the age of 14 and it was punk rock, it was fun and cool. Then I founded the Autogen group of three people and we played the garage PUNK, after I founded a new band Pepel Sbei it was already more human punk.
But since I was taken to the army at the age of 19, then I moved to another city and so we had to disintegrate. But I'm still on and I was invited to play in the group Diggers, it was a pretty cool and interesting band, but unfortunately it also collapsed. After all this, I decided to stop with the music, but on my life's path I met a great man Ubui Kuvalda who offered to play in an experimental group, that's how all started.

Kardymon Aklesander (Guitar): When I learned to play guitar a bit, I immediately started to invent my own songs.

Silvestr Palnevich: Once I heard the Moonspell`s track «The Southern Deathstyle» and I really wanted to learn how to play the main reef. After some time, my parents gave me the first electric guitar. We will not name the firm, but the stamp at it was shaken very quickly =). After that I had an interest in different instruments. I learned to play instruments such as flute, bagpipe, piano, afro-drums and bass guitar. I played in a few black metal bands on the bass guitar. All of them broked up, and just after the last I was offered to play in Plemя on rhythm guitar.

Marina Shapovalova (drums): I got into the first group in the 7th grade, but as a vocalist) I wrote poetry, I played on mother`s acoustic guitar as a hobby. I tried different instruments, but by chance, thanks to my boyfriend-drummer, i eventually became a drummer)

2.So i have to admit I was quite suprised when we first discovered your music, the high energy and expressive creativity really caught my interest, similar to Korn, Slipknot,  or Marilyn Manson ... do you take interest in bands like these as well?
Can you tell us some of your favorite bands or artists?

Ubuy: Sepultura, Fear Factory, Kreator, In Flames.

Keyboardist: Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Glinka, Scriabin, Vagner, Verdy, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Beatles, Doors, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, King Crimson , Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Rick Wakeman, Vangelis, Queen, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Scorpions, Kiss, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Metallica, Dream Theater, Slayer, Rammstein, Nautilus, Auktsion, Aria and many others.

Dzmitry Duhanau (flutes): electronic music and modern jazz in last time
Ivantsov Dmitry: It was The exploited, Nirvana, Manson, System of a down

Aklesander: Slip Knot, Cradle of filth

Silvestr Palanevich: It all started with Rammstein, Korn, SOAD, Moonspell. Then I got carried away with heavy music from folk and ethno, and also the period Black and Death Metal (Then I got into the first musical groups). And then there was a complete variety.

Marina Shapovalova (drums): I listen to absolutely different music of different styles in a differen mood, although in general I have always been an adherent of the alternative and the cortex. Heavy music for me started with bands like Limp Bizkit, SlipKnot, Korn, In Flames

3.So what are you guys currently listening to and following right now?
What would we find on your recent playlist for music, movies or entertainment?

Ubuy: all the same))) From the films old old school fiction (star wars, old track, old gate, strangers, predator) different concept art (the lion's share comes in Richardsa Gigera, as well as Barlow, Fresetta, Simon biz), manga (Dorokhidro), comics.

Keyboardist: Playlist - greatest hits from the 18th century until today. A lot of diverse music.
Movies - Bladerunner, Bladerunner 2049, The Dark Tower, GoT, Star Wars, Babylon 5.
Games - Fallout
Books - do you really want me to list the entire list of my fantasy collection and fantasy that weighs more than 2 gigs in fb2 format?))))) I got the habit of downloading ALL the products of the author I liked and reading them all in order to have a complete picture of creation.

Dzmitry Duhanau (flutes): Music (again from the last that I liked) - Niechec, Heilung, Bent Knee Films - Den brysomme mannen (the last film that really left a strong impression)
Books- Kurt Vonnegut, different plays by contemporary authors

Marina Shapovalova (drums): In my playlist as always a mishmash) Movies: like deep, with a sense, mysticism, fantasy, drama, documentary. I do not play games, i do not have time, I prefer to play in real life. Books: I like fantasy, study various theories about man and the universe

Ivantsov Dmitry: Fantasy, yes, it's fantastic

Alexander: Books \ Movies - Stephen King, games - Silent Hill, Dead Space

Silvestr Palanevich: Music: Gojira, Wardruna, The Erkonauts, Eivør
Books: I love anti-utopia, fantasy, fantasy. Now I read the last book of Dan Simmons "Hyperion Cantos", in parallel I read books about Buddhism, and a little bit books in English for practice.
Movies: Black Mirror, Documentary.

4.So tell us more about Plemя as a band, what do you want to express or represent with your band?

Ubuy: To express the fusion of different worlds and musical directions, initially decided to focus on the visual component. Our images also cause certain associations among people who are "in the theme". In fact, every image, every object of our entourage is "Easter Egg".

Keyboardist: I came to the group last, everything was already determined before me. Came, looked-listened, liked - stayed.

Ivantsov Dmitry: This group is not of this world as it seems to me, I didn`t hear anything like this yet)

Marina Shapovalova (drums): I wanted to combine different styles and directions and create something new, my own. About Easter eggs .. I do not consider my image is Easter eggs, it`s just me

5.I really like the way you mix the old traditional instruments with the newer age heavy metal sound, it creates a very unique sound and energy, What are some of your favorite genres or instrument sounds to use to create?

Ubuy: Brazilian "berimbau" African jambei, Yakut wargan. The geography of instruments is scattered all over the world.

Keyboardist: I love synthesizers. And analog, and digital, and software. Any.
But with rare exception there must be an inscription Roland.))
Our genre is undoubtedly metal. And the prefixes "experimental" and "ethno" are more suitable.
 I get Enraged when others call it folkmetal.
I want to come up with a special name for the style in which we play more and more often.

Alexander: I would like to call this style ethno metal. We will use a lot of instruments, and the more unusual will be the better)

Silvestr Palanevich: I liked the definition of Experimental Ethno Metal. I want to catch some new moods from the fusion of Ethnic instruments and heavy music.

6.Is there anything that helps you create your music ?...
Can you explain to us any traditional influences or spiritual inspiration you may have?

Ubuy: Music of ancient tribes around the world.

Keyboardist: The influence of the universe. The world consists of music. We must hear harmony. To catch a rhythm. Recognize the timbre. And to embody.

Alexander - everything is torn from within

Marina Shapovalova (drums): it`s somewhere from the inside ..

7.It seems you guys have been to many different places and plan to have more events in the future...Do you have any favorites cities or events you want to mention?

Ubuy: Romania and Moscow.

Keyboardist: Perhaps the best performance of last year I will call a concert in Romania.
Let's see what will happen next.

Ivantsov Dmitry: Romania, yes it is there. It was cool and very fun)

Alexander: I agree with all

Shapovalova Marina (drums): Romania is uniquely at the moment! Thanks to Narcis Muresan that he discovered for us this wonderful country and Celtic Transilvania Festival! For a long time I wanted to go to Transylvania and still could not do it, eventually visited it for the first time with a concert)

8.So what do you all do for fun other then music? any other hobbies or interests you have or enjoy on your free time?

Ubuy: Battles on cold weapons, computer games, airsoft, scuba, motorcycle, blacksmithing.

Keyboardist: Books and movies. If I were not a musician, I would become a film director. Or
a film critic.

Ivantsov Dmitry: I am engaged in self-education in business and conduct business, it's just like music
You create what you want by yourself

Silvestr Palanevich: I am engaged in products made of leather. And so different creativity (photography, drawing), books, philosophy, cinema. I would like to have more trips =)

Shapovalova Marina (drums): I like to travel, like nature, photography and photoshop, I write poems, in the summer I like to ride a bicycle, and a lot of things in general

9.If given the opportunity, and when the time is available, in the future, will you be open to collaborating with another artist or creator on a side project? say a short film or music video project?

Ubuy: It would be interesting to try. as the same Daft Punk in HF Tron.

Keyboardist: If someone will show interest, and our vision of the final result will coincides, why not?

Alexander: Yes, in moderation

Marina Shapovalova (drums): I periodically think about this idea...

10. notice you have good quality videos as well, I like the video for the song "Totem" one of my favorites so far,,can you tell us a little more about who was involved in creating them?

Silvestr Palanevich: Our musician is Sergey Buben. His main activity is wedding photography. If you`ll look at his work, you will see, that his works are very worthy. It was interesting to practice in shooting a music video for him, and we needed the first clip, so we found each other. 

While we were shooting, we lived in the forest for several days, and this is a meal by the fire, songs with a guitar and interesting stories. In general, the atmosphere was not so much working, as creative. We were very pleased to work with him.

11.  So, how did you come to meet promoter and event cordinator Antonio Jankových?
he is a friend of ours as well,...

Marina Shapovalova (drums): I am engaged in promotion and affairs of the group, I lead our social networks and one day we found each other on facebook. He wrote to me first, he really liked our work. Before that, I already had unsuccessful attempts to find a booker, and Antonio seemed to me to be quite an enterprising and promising guy, we decided to try to cooperate, actually he also gave your contacts for interview). 
We really hope for a joint and fruitful work))

12.So random question, If you had a choice of any band or artist of today to collaborate with who would it be?

Ubuy: Yes, with orchestra, pyrotechnic, laser show.

Keyboardist: ...not sure most have past away..

Dzmitry Duhanau (flutes): I would like to do something in the style of dark ambient / acoustic black / avant-garde with Devin Townsend. I think it would be something fantastic)

Alexander: It would be interesting to do a show with an orchestra

Silvestr Palanevich: Acoustic concert with ethnic instruments

12.Ok well this question is open for you to mention anything you may want to say to the fans out there .....

"Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go.
Ere we go, ere we go, cross the Kosmos.
Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go.
Ere we go, ere we go, throo infinity. "))))) (C)

Keyboardist: Be with us!

Alexander: This year we are planning a single and a video for you, and we are already working on a new album.

Shapovalova Marina (drums): Thank you for your support and interest about our work!)

13. So one last request,I ask most musicians and artists this because i know it is a very difficult career to take on full time ...Any words of encouragement for other upcoming artists and musicians like yourself trying to pursue a career in music?

Ubuy: success, pleasure from performances, loving admirers

Ivantsov Dmitry: Listen to music and go in for sports)

Alexander: The main thing is to believe in yourself and your business

Keyboardist: Do not think - do it.

Shapovalova Marina (drums): Believe in yourself, improve and do not sit still, nobody will fulfill your dreams for you

Special Thank you and Shout out to Plemya and all the people supporting and working together to create this unique and awesome music! 

It is inspiring to hear the personal views of artists and musicians.
Music has been a very important role in my life and it is an honor to speak with you all about your career and experiences as creators...
We look forward to seeing more of your work and hope to inspire a collaboration or another project with you guys in the future.

Thank you!

-Tim Raven Rotar

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