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RavenzCraft Arts Interview with Eldrim

Interview with Eldrim

Eldrim was spawned by the wishes of five people wanting to play Viking(-ish) music when visiting viking markets all over the world
Eldrim is two bands in one.One for viking/medieval markets and fares - performing acoustic , and one for concerts adapted to amplified performances.

They are now in the process of making our own music , trying to compose music to sound the way we imagine the music our viking ancestors listened to and sounded.
"We build our own instruments based on findings and writings".
Eldrim is: Hilde Midtgaard, Jon Levi Pedersen, Thomas Hallberg and Espen Winther

First off I would like to officially thank you all for doing this interview, We welcome you to the  RavenzCraft Arts interviews project!

 1. So for those of us who dont already know of you, can you start by telling us where you are from, and when you first started officially as a band together?

Eldrim is a Norwegian project, based near Borre and the burial mounds. We are all members of «Borre Vikinglag», one of Norways largest viking reenactment groups.

We started approximately 3 years ago after sitting around bonfires during various viking

markets and listening to others entertain and perform.
We thought we too could do this...

2. So the name Eldrim, does this have a specific meaning? 
can you explain to us what Eldrim is all about? 
Is their a story behind it, and what are you aiming to express with this project/band?

Eldrim, is a made up word.  Built from «eld» (fire/flame) and «rim» that has two meanings: rhyme and (hoar)frost. So it can mean both «Song/Poetry/Rhyme by the fire»and «Frost by the fire»

We try to make music they could have made in that time,
».viking age, with instruments they could have used..

3. I really like the sound and vibe Eldrim creates, it is right up there with the energy of Wardruna and many other of my favorites, you guys seem to be a diamond in the rough so to speak, can you share with us some of the things that inspire your music? folklore? the sagas? 

what is it that gives you inspiration to create this amazing energy and sound?

We are inspired by our Scandinavian history and we have a rich treasure chest filled with sagas, folklore, folk music, archaelogical finds, crafts and art to pick inspiration from.

We use these sources both when composing melodies and when we write lyrics.
Sadly we have no written sources that can tell us what music they had in the viking age, but we think Scandinavian folk music must have roots in that time so we turn to folk music when writing.

Life then must have been hard and we try to show that through the way we perform and the stories we make.

4. The tagelharpa or bowed lyre is one of my favorite sounds, I really like the song Gnaal, I actually like all of your songs so far..do you create your own custom instruments? any favorites or special instruments you enjoy?

Actually «Gnaal» is the name of the instrument ;) Gnaal means a nagging, complaining sound. We've made our own lyres, taglharps, drums and some percussion (so far).
The sound from our different tagalaharps is chillingly beautiful and i think those are favorites for all of us.

5. Do you have any special projects or events coming up soon that you can share with us?

We are currently making songs for our concept album and rehearsing for the coming summers viking markets.

6. Any news you can share about a full length album from Eldrim being created and released soon?

As mentioned we are making music for a concept album. I don't want to reveal too much, but it will be a small, sad and dark «Saga».
We hope it will be finished before summer!

7. I noticed you mention Eldrim is 2 bands in one , one for markets and festivals and one for amplified performances, can you explain the differences to us a bit more?  which do you enjoy the most?

The market version of our band is leaning more to the medieval time period and perform mostly already written ballads and songs although we mix in some of our own songs that fits together with this concept. 

It is more «happy» and suits the visitors at viking/medieval markets and is not depending on amplifiers to «reach out».

The darker Eldrim is more a concert band and could fit any arena i guess.
Here we perform our own music and we are more open to using (non historical) effects to color our performance.

I think we all enjoy both versions, but it has a special kind of magic to it when people react in a positive way to our own music.

8.Do you have any certain places you performed at in the past that you really enjoyed? any places you plan or wish you could perform at in the future?

Last summer we played in the chieftains house at Gudvangen viking village. It was a very good memory. We had no planned gig, but decided to try to play there and after getting the approval we just went around the camp site and shouted people in and in 20 minutes the house was crowded.

As for places we'd like to play...hmmm...that's not so easy to answer. I think we would like to play anywhere as long as the audience have a historical interest for music.

9.Can you tell us some of your personal favorite musicians from the past that inspired you,, and any current ones you personally follow today?

This is a big question to answer. We are 4 members with rather different taste in music, ranging from metal to folk music, but i guess something we have in common is Wardruna. 
Einar Selvik has made the path easier for others to follow. Even though we are not copying his work it's hard not to be influenced by his beautiful music.

10. During your career so far, have you got to meet any favorite artists or bands? any you would like to meet?

I think i have to answer this personal and not as Eldrim.
I have never had an urge to meet any artist. I have never idolized any one and if i did i don't think it would be a positive thing to meet the idol. It's hard to keep a conversation floating when one part is drooling and stuttering ;)
That said, i am a photographer an have met several artists and had lots of good meetings both through photo and our music.
If i had to choose one artist i think would be interesting to have a conversation with i think it would be Maynard, from the band  (Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer). I love how his lyrics draw pictures in my mind.

11. I actually discovered your music from a friend that posted one of your videos, Danheim, he also creates amazing music like yours, and he mentioned that you were one of his favorites right now, .. would you ever be interested in collaborating with another artist like this, or submitting any content to a collaborative project in the future?

I think we always will be open to collaborations. Anything to broaden our horizon.
And Danheim is absolutely on that list.
(Fun fact: Us three guys from Eldrim performed together with Heilung as part of their warrior quire at Midgardsblot last summer. One of last years absolutely best live performances!)

12. So this last question is for you,,,if you all want to say anything to the fans and followers out there feel free to mention or say any closing words,,we thank all of you at Eldrim for taking the time to talk with us and for creating amazing music!

RavenzCraft Arts looks to help bring awareness to talented artists like yourself, anything we can do we are here to help,,we appreciate everything.

We are deeply touched by all the kind responses and comments on our work.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more. We promise a treasure at the end of the rainbow!
For Eldrim: Espen

.Special Thanks to Espen and all of Eldrim!
We look forward to seeing and hearing more of your amazing and inspirational music!

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