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RavenzCraft Arts presents: Bobaflex Interview/Jymmy Tolland

Interview with Jymmy Tolland of the band 



Bobaflex was originally signed by Eclipse Records to release their first full length album Primitive Epic. the band went on to TvT Records where they released two albums in Apologize for Nothing (2005) and Tales From Dirt Town (2007). label went bankrupt in 2009.

The band decided to go the independent route and started their own label, BFX Records in 2010 in order to control their own destiny. They released an EP in 2010 called Chemical Valley. With the exception of a re-recorded version of 2007's Home, all the songs on the EP would become part of their full release in 2011 Hell In My Heart which featured 16 songs and their top selling single to date Bury Me With My Guns Onand their very popular cover of Sound Of Silence (Simon-Garfunkel). Hell In My Heart was followed in 2013 with Charlatan’s Web which included the single I'm Glad You're Dead their most successful song at radio in their history.

Bobaflex’s tireless ethos has also carried into their live shows and touring schedule. Having played all lower 48 states over the last 7 years, they have played 100+ shows every year including a record setting 154 in 2016 and 124 shows in 2017. This constant schedule has crafted the band into one of the tightest and real live Rock n' Roll bands in the country.

Bobaflex are:

Marty McCoy - guitar / vocals
Shaun McCoy - guitar / vocals
Jake Earley - guitar / vocals
Tommy Johnson - drums
Jymmy Tolland - bass

   Wow, hey hows it going Jymmy,  this is very cool to be able to talk with you.  
So First things first,  I just wanted to Welcome and Thank you for participating in the RavenzCraft Arts Interview Project.

It is an honor to talk with you about your music and career so far..Im a personal fan and pushed hard to get this interview and was determined to not let this one slip, It is awesome to talk with you guys, I appreciate the time....

1.So for those of us who dont already know, can you give us a little background info and introduce yourself ?

Hey this is Jymmy, bass player for Bobaflex. I joined the band in 2014 and have spent 250 + days a year touring or recording with Shaun, Marty, Tommy and Jake.

2.Can you tell us how and when you first really got started playing music and performing, did you perform in music classes or in highschool?

I dabbled in guitar, trombone and drums as a kid in school and in garage bands bit I didn't really get serious until I made the switch to Bass in 2012. I actually won my HS talent show in 2011 with my band. There's video of it somewhere on youtube.

3.So how did you and the crew all officially meet? , We're you friends in highschool or did you meet in other ways?

Marty, Shaun and Tommy grew up together in small town WV. I met Marty the day I arrived in Ohio from the west coast. After a 40+ hour drive I fell asleep at a bar he was at.
We got to talking about rock n roll and have been friends ever since.

4.So, how did you guys come up with this name for your band ? ,, Bobaflex, ? Very cool name ...
was this your first official band name, or did you have other names in the past you performed under?

Bobaflex is a Star Wars reference to eternal outlaw badass Boba Fett. 
It came from that era of the 2000's when it was cool to have a total nonsense band name. 

Ive played in so many bands it's tough to remember all the names. The Tones, Aroma, Buick Makane, Shogun Barbi, Devil By Design.....

5. Did you have any favorite artists or Musicians that inspired you early on that made you want to become an artist and perform music?

When I was younger I was inspired by guitar players that looked cool. Keith Richards, Joe Perry and Slash we're my favorites. As I got older I learned how talented and brilliant those dudes really were.

6.what about today,,do you have any favorites or people you look up to professionally?

Now I'm in my 20's I really respect musicians that are doing things their own way. I will immediately like a band more if they're hustling against the standard mold of music. 
That's what Rock n Roll is all about anyways, right?

7. So, If we were to see your recent tracklist what music are you currently listening to today?

The last 3 albums I listened to we're 
1. YE - Kanye West
2. It's 5 O'clock Somewhere - Slashs Snakepit
3. A few different singles by ATL punk band Wyldlife.

8. Two of my favorite tracks from you guys is spider in the dark and bury me with my guns you have any personal  favorite songs that you perform that has a personal meaning to you, or special connection with ?

They're all personal to me because we all spend so much time together that if something inspired one of us to write, the other 4 of us were probably involved in some way.

I love performing anything new live.
I come from the Pearl Jam, GNR Jack White school of live performance. 
If I had my way we would play a completely different set each night.

9. I see you guys have done a bit of traveling and tour performance dates at many places around the u.s.

I just missed you guys in Wisconsin dells, thats where i moved from, I seen you were there , we just recently relocated to Las Vegas Nevada, so hopefully we can see you out here..

Oh you will...

Funny story (kind of) - Last time we were in Vegas there was a gang hit at the grocery store next door while we were getting interviewed after soundcheck. 

10.what are some of your favorite cities or states? Any favorite places you guys like to frequent or perform at ?

The bigger the crowds the more I like the city. Haha 

I love going back out west though. It's still not fully tamed out there and it's just beautiful.

11.Any places that you would really like to perform at that you haven't been to?

Red Rocks!

12.So we recently moved to Nevada where cannabis is legal under certain stipulations.

I definitely see the benefits and extra money the state can generate for a better future.
What do you think about topics like recreational marijuana legalization?

Anyone who thinks Pot should be illegal is being willfully ignorant. It helps the economy, cures cancer and makes shitty 90s movies watchable.

13.What things do you do for fun? Do you have any other hobbies or interests? Guns, motorcycles, hiking ?
Living in Las Vegas NV there is alot of area out here to do plenty of that...

I shoot and do outdoorsy stuff for fun but if it's not music related I'm not that interested in it.

14.Have you ever been or plan to come to Las Vegas or California to perform or personally visit? 
If so I'd be interested in meeting up to officially meet and possibly set up an official video interview if possible,,?

Most definitely. 

15, How do you feel about Collaboration,?
Would you/ the band be interested in doing a single or short Collaboration remix with another artist or musician out there or with somone we already promote for?

Yeah. We actually have plans right now to do a collaboration with a super talented soul singer on our new record. I'm not gonna say who it is but she'll make your jaw drop. a bit more about you if you don't mind, what kind of vehicle do you drive? Truck car? Any toys or motorbikes?
It's interesting to know what rock stars drive....

 I have a Chevy Malibu. I've never really cared that much about cars though. Even if I had 10 million dollars I'd probably just drive a Malibu with a nicer sound system. Haha I understand that sometimes being an artist can be very hard, what are some of your favorite things being a musician?  And are there any downfalls in your career you want to mention?

I love every second of being a professional musician. There's a ton of challenges but even those are fun. I've never had any big downfalls but I'm young so there's still plenty of time for me to fuck something up. Haha

18.So do you have any advice or words of wisdom for other artists looking to come up in the music scene?

Practice with a drummer and a metronome. 
You can never be too tight with your drummer. When you're just starting out if you're not willing to rehearse with your band 5 or more days a week then you'll never be good enough.

19.alright well I wanted to leave this last question open for you to mention or say any closing statements??.

What would Keith Richards do is usually what I try to live by at all times.....

Special Thank You to Jymmy Tolland and all the members and crew from Bobaflex 

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-Tim Raven Rotar

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