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RavenzCraft Arts Interview with Sean Kratz 


Osi and the Jupiter 

Osi and the Jupiter is a neofolk musical project inspired by northern pagan beliefs and the following and practices of the "Old Gods" and the honor of the energies of nature

Just want to Welcome and Thank
Sean(Deth) Kratz for taking the time to speak with us..

1.So the first question I have for you is ,
Can you tell us where you are from?
and how you became introduced to the heathen genre music scene?

Hello, I am from Northeast Ohio area, currently residing in Kent the past few years.

I became introduced to the heathen genre music in the late 90s with when a friend of mine showed me Bathory's Hammerheart , and Enslaved’s Frost through a childhood friend on the street I grew up on.
I already was a big fan of bands like Mayhem, and Burzum at the time. Being a child in the 80’s I grew up on
J.R.R Tolkiens work, which led me too want read on the Icelandic sagas and norse myths in which of course inspired some of Tolkiens works. Ive been hooked ever since...

2.When did you first realize you had a passion for creating music?

Since I was a child, my Dad is a musician that still plays out even now. I started playing acoustic guitars, then moved to all kinds of different instruments. I started learning how too record probably in the mid 2000’s. I love playing and writing music.

3.Are their any musicians or artists you looked up to as a kid? And any that still inspire your work and music today?

Funny thing, Type O Negative has been my favorite band since I was 12 years old, and for some reason I still love that band, every album.
My Dad I’ve always looked up too as a musician, Quorthon and Bathory has been a big inspiration on all of my works since the late 90’s, Mari Boine has been an inspiration as well as some of Clannad, all in which lead me too more artists who have inspired me.

4.I can obviously feel the Norse heathen vibe with your music, but you add an interesting twist to it with the Violin/cello choruses, it really goes together well, Do you think your surroundings and location have to do with the way you "sound"?

The Cello was done by my friend Kakophnix, He did an awesome job. I would love too have him as a solid member of O&J, we will see what the future holds. Surroundings yes, they have a bit of influence, location too me depends on the moment in time.
Little things can spark inspiration for a whole song to a party of a songs to an idea, I guess its right place right time kind of thing. Nature is definitely a big inspiration for this project, and helps guide me on my path, I hope my music helps others in the same aspect as it does me.

5. So if you dont mind me asking, do you have a certain spiritual following or Patron God or deity you connect with?

I mainly follow the Norse pantheon but not in a Hollywood type of way, more in a Nature type of way, certain aspects represent a aspect of certain deity’s, certain ways of life and death are the same in my belief.
Like a harvest, you ask a deity like Freyr too help you connect with the seasons to help you reap and sow. Taking the form of a deity towards one self helps me connect with nature as well.
Things like talking with the Gods and Goddesses , land beings, and being on other planes of existence.
Blóts, rituals, even meditation helps me connect.
I try to connect with them as much as I can, but If I had too pick, it would be Odin, Bragi, Baldr, Freyr and Heimdall I mostly connect with.

6. I've noticed there is a bind rune that stands out in your videos and album cover, what does it mean? and how did it come into existence?

The bind rune meaning is Life, Death and Rebirth within the unknown, Odins presence.
It is also Osi and the Jupiter’s Logo. How it came into being , well, I was meditating on a bind form for a good hour listening too a drone chords on my acoustic and then it just came too me, its personal but not. it has meaning too me and felt like Life Death and Rebirth, like Odin seeking the mead of poetry from Mimirs well, the sacrifice of Odins eye for all the knowledge of the universe, its a non ending quest through the unknown... Its Odin unveiling me through nature, unveiling my path...

7. So it is my understanding that Osi and the Jupiter is the name of your band/project but are also your 2 dogs names, which is cool, we all love our animals.. How was this decided ? Is there a story behind it?

Not too make this answer short but Yes, its named ofter my two German Shepherds Osiris and Jupiter. Its my two boys, my family. This project means a lot too me and I take my time on everything musically that goes into it, so I named it after two of the most precious things in my life.

8. So far What is the happiest or biggest moment in your artistic career?

Well, by black metal project Burial Oath has a lot of awesome things going on, we got a vinyl deal and are doing a lot of awesome things black metal wise, but probably the biggest is the “Uthuling Hyl” album so far, its getting very wide spread known, in which I did not expect at first.
Funny how you take your time on something, and eventually something good comes out of it.
By the way “ Uthuling Hyl “ means Hollowing Howl for the people that are curious

9.So we recently noticed you have switched and signed with Eisenwald record label, can you tell us a bit about that and your do you have any special plans or projects for the future that you may want to hint at?

I did sign a deal / partnership with Eisenwald, I’m very excited about it, I like a lot of the bands on the label and they take care of their artists. I do have plans for more music / media in the future I just would rather not specify at the moment, all I can say is I update the Facebook regularly to keep fans up too date....

10.So if you could pick anyone out there, is there anyone that you would really like to collaborate with or create with in the future?

Well, I would love to collaborate with a lot of artists, Einar Selvik would be awesome, Forndom, Draugrinn, Krisoffer Rygg of Ulver, Heilung, Solstafir, paleowolf, Daniheim, list goes on and on, it would be awesome to just pick their brains and learn even more.

11.So besides music , what do you do for fun? anything unique happen around your area?

Things are ok here, not bad at all, just the usual fests that happen in the center of the town during occasions, I go to as many shows as I can. I work a day job as well. I like spending time with my animals and seeing family when Im not doing music or working.

12.So living in the U.S it is rare I notice, to find other heathen or pagan artists to connect with,,i think this is a new wave of education and restoration or our history and roots, do you feel this is a special goal or mission you are set on? like there is another force or reason behind it all? please explain if you I feel a certain fire or unending desire inside me as well, ..

I just do what my path has shown me, It is also very good that it shows more of a broad range of history, most are not used to. It may inspire and also may help more people connect, in which is a very good thing. There is a fire that burns inside me as well, so I feel you.
Im sure there are other artists, my guitar player Justin in Witchhelm is in a viking re-inactment group called NEO Viks a northeast Ohio Viking reenactment group and some of the members play about Scandinavian root instruments such as Kravik Lyrs, Talharpa etc. Just have not had the time too go to hang with those guys due too work, but would be very awesome too sometime soon...

13.So this last question is all you , do you have anything you would like to say or mention?

Thank you too all who have supported my musical path,
I very much appreciate you. 
As for artists, keep doing what your doing on your path...Much is appreciated and many Thanks!

-Special Thanks to Sean for taking the time to talk with us, Support and follow his music at the links provided below also watch the new music intro we created featuring an official song from the Album"Uthuling Hyl" called "RavenCraft"

-Special Thanks to Angie Zietler for taking time out and helping produce and create 

this interview, the support and help is much appreciated!

Special Thank You to all the supporters and followers out there we have much more to come!

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