Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Galdrastafir for SC Lewis

This Galdrastafir was constructed to bring the results you requested..I want to break down each arm or stave so you understand what they mean..

This is a Runic formula for "Skilled Hands" written in younger futhark runes, It will bring you the ability to be more skillful and get things done effectively I broke it into two words ..Skilled -Hands for each arm ...



3.This is the center or top stave, 
this is a stave I created to bring benificial exchanges that fulfill your needs which brings happiness and joy 

4.This is an old healing stave taught to me by 
Eril Bolverker a very knowledgable friend and shaman

This design is a symbol that encourages the thought process focusing and bringing ideas and plans to your mind to solve problems or issues that may have seemed impossible before

 I combined all of these symbols and staves to create this final is the final result...Your personal Galdrastafir 
Using this galdrastafir will help aid you in your life, it brings skill, ideas, strength, protection, healing, and higher thought.

Below are the directions on how to activate and the proper galdr or words that you chant or say to activate the symbol.

1.Redraw or copy the image of the symbol or pull up on your phone or screen so you can see the galdrastafir , examine it, look at it deeply try to feel the flow of the energy. (I suggest putting as screensaver or place where you can see it throughout the day, such as desk, fridge ,table any area you frequent)

2.So the do the actual activation: Be sure to have a quiet setting preferably alone, light a candle or incense or just sit in a room alone and stand in front of the symbol.

3.Think about whats bothering you, or what needs change , or state the issues that are in your way of moving forward., actually say them, express yourself ,yell, get pissed off, really get it off your chest. who cares what the neighbors You can also exercise, like push ups or lifting small weights such as curling, something that gets your blood and adrenaline flowing, but no too a point of sweating or over work just enough to "wake you up" (this is not necessary every time, but this should be done at least 1 time to really activate the seal, (after this step is done fully , the next time around you wont have to expert so much energy, you will simply look at it and remember the fit or episode you had the first time, remembering how it felt.)

4.The previous step is to make yourself aware of whats bothering you, or what problems need to be solved :"Targeting" 
Now Im sure you obviously are aware already of these problems,  but saying them and expressing them lets your sub-concious mind know and directs the rune energies on where to go, so you state the problems, and focus on these runes while you say or think, this will "send" the runes and staves to the right places.

5.Now this next step is the "Galdr" or vocal spell that you can say to yourself , such as "I have skillful hands and I can solve any problem and take care of myself as well as others".

You can also chant the runes that are used within the galdrastafir, you see a gladrastafir is a "visual spell"

The main runes used within your design are:
Wunjo, Nauthiz, Gebo.
Sowilo, Algiz, Raidho.

you need to study these specific runes, think of each individual rune as a "spirit" or energy, start with 1 a day, look it up find the definition, draw it, think about the many layers of meaning, such as Wunjo, the joy of life rune, dont just think of the definition, think of how it feels to be happy, how you will feel when you achieve the results you are seeking, the feeling of accomplishment, joy laughter, confidence. Every rune is very deep and connected to human emotions as well as nature.
You can get powerful results from just 1 single rune, so this galdrastafir is no joke, its very powerful if actually used.

5.So this may be the most important step, to cause the changes to happen, now magick is not bullshit it is real, people just misunderstand what it is and how to use it, its psychology. 

6.So you have to do things or put yourself in uncomfortable different situations, you have to challenge yourself , almost force yourself to get things done, all the crap you think about you want to do, you have to do them, even the little things like pick up the yard, it will domino effect into the next situation, leading to a different reality, see its very weird, something as simple as taking 5 more minutes to do something can change the result a week later drastically. 

So you really have to take it upon yourself to change the web of events to come, you can tweak your reality to your liking, now im no master but i have figured out the basics and the results are different for everyone, doing these things will present extra opportunities and make you way more aware of things you could do to fix your problems , you just simply have to act on them, be rash just do it, get things done.

This galdrastafir and the runes are a visual spell and reminder of all the future results you can achieve with time, patience is also key, this is not going to happen overnight, you need to think like this for months maybe even years, dont look back just keep improving, sometimes things just dont work out but you cant let it hold back the next phase, the key is to push time, push results, make the magick work for you. 
Also after you focus and use this galdrastafir for a month or so i would recommend you save all this and store it away, the last key or step is to let the runes flow, or do their work on their own, dont create any other magical symbols or runes for awhile, dont look at the galdrastafir put all this info away for awhile.

Now from my experience the results you will get come as challenges or problems, they seem like bad luck or like this is backfiring but trust me its not, its just you becoming aware of all the sht that needs to be handled, just solve the problems one step at a time, dont ignore or put off till later, you will find that after solving each task or problem you receive the result or  outcome you were looking for. Now this wont make you win the lottery or anything but it will show you how to heal and improve your life which you requested, its not easy and it takes time and understanding..this does work im going through it myself but sometimes it takes a lifetime to achieve...

I know this Galdrastafir will help you and I wish you the best on your path of life, feel free to contact me down the road with any great news or experiences you have had.

-Tim Raven Rotar   

I recommend you study and look up the work of 
Eril Bolverkr, Raevedis and Kaedrich Olsen, They are all in the methods of the Runemasters series I created here is the link to the series if you dont have it already click to view them

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