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Herrwulf Written Interview

RavenzCraft Arts Interview with 


1. So the first thing I wanted to mention is that i know very little about you, I have heard quite a few of your songs and projects of yours but know very little about you, I know you are from Canada correct?
Can you tell us a little more about how you got started and the story behind Herrwulf? 

Yes, Ontario. Well my family moved here from Quebec originally. I started out with black metal and extreme music early, as my father was into maiden, venom, sepultura and all these proto bands. This music has really stuck with me. My parents got me a guitar and microphone set (toy/ plastic) and shaved my head into a mohawk when I was 5 or something. Album cover? Haha, so playing music has been with me since childhood as well.

I played with a few thrash bands covering slayer and sepultura for a bit before I decided to start making my own music. Around 2004 or so. I will be exploring different genre's and ideas with this new project, not just 'black metal'.

2.Is their anyone who really inspired and influenced you to take your Musical talents to the next level?
The single biggest influence has to be Varg, and Darkthrone. When I was 13 listening to hvis lyset tar oss and transilvanian hunger, hooked me the moment I heard it.
Other than that, I listen to alot of classical stuff, especially Bach. Always a reliable source of inspiration. Also myself, I like to try new things and learn different techniques or whatever. Still alot to learn.

3.So how did you start with creating Music? Was it something you picked up later in life, or were you creating and planning to be a career musical artist from the start?
I started when I was 14 or so. Cheap mic from a computer dangling in front of my amp. Regardless of the quality I still think that track is great. It's not like I can afford a million dollar studio set up.

I don't intend to become a career musician.
To be honest this is just a hobby - and if people enjoy it well, thats great. However I would love to have a career in making scores of music in game, movie, or whatever. Making ambient soundscapes could potential lead to a 'career'. It would be amazing to make music and have sustainable income doing it. But that's just not the case, still working long hours at a job like everyone else.

4. So one of my favorite albums so far from you is Ouroboros, and i also like a few from the Heathen Spring project as well as many others..you have a very harmonic yet powerful style, what do you think of when creating these projects? how do you get the ideas and inspiration to create these amazing soundscapes?  Are their others behind these great musical creations?
Nice, yeah Ouroboros is more ambient.. just experimenting with black metal harshness and kind of pagan ambient melodies. Basically, I like to make stuff that I want to hear. I enjoy everytime you hear that great sweeping synth or orchestra playing a melody - then exploding into full black metal blast beats and piercing guitars.
I suppose that is what attracts me to black metal, it's extremely versatile. 

5.Do you have any personal favorite projects that you have created, any special places or things you did for specific albums?
any personal favorite guitar or instrument you have cherished or value highly?

Hmm, no not really. Everything I make is barebone whatever I can afford. Right now I have a 100$ pawnshop guitar that's working just fine. I need some new pickups for my other guitar which is much better. I own a keyboard some drum machines and a lot of patience. Drums have always been a challenge, since they are not real. Haha, but I'm still improving in programming and all of these other areas. So its fun for me to figure out new techniques and see the trial and error theory tested out in real time.

I keep trying to improve on my quality. Im self taught, dont really know how to master like a pro or anything. I just make music because it allows me to make something from nothing. 

7.If given the opportunity to collaborate with another artist that matches or would mix well with your style would you be open or interested in creating a small side project in the future?Yeah for sure. Making music is great. 

8.What plans do you have for your music? Do you have any special events or future ideas coming up you can spill a little details about?I just keep making stuff and posting it online, not much planning going on. I mentioned earlier this is a hobby of mine, which I enjoy very much. If anyone follows my bandcamp I usually have some new material up every couple of months or so. So ya, in a couple more months I'll have something else. Thanks to all who have donated in the past and in the future also, the struggle is real.

9.So besides music is their anything interesting you can tell us about yourself? do you have any other hobbies or like to do any mountain climbing, hunting, traveling, etc?
Nothing as exciting as the ones you listed. Would be nice to do those things though! Basically... work, read, and make music. I take in a lot of lectures and read about history, geography, physics, and such. I don't have a degree or anything, its just something I find interesting. I used to paint and draw awhile back. Thinking about taking up painting again, it's a pretty expensive hobby though. 

10.So what else interest you, are you familiar with the Norse runes or have any interest in magic or shamanism?
Reason i ask is this is a topic that im currently researching and may have a few things you would be interested in as well...

I have always been attracted to these topics for as long as I can remember. My experience with it has all been with knowledge and spirituality. I can't say I've ever practiced any magic or shamanism myself, always like to read about the subjects. Spirituality in that, I believe in tradition and heritage. So yeah please if you have any good readings or certain books to recommend I will check it out. 

11. So this last question is an open one for you, do you have anything you want to share or any words of advice for artists like you out there trying to become "official" ?

Just keep playing music if you 'truly' love it. Not sure about being official though, haha. Still figuring that one out.
Thanks for taking the time to set up this promo Tim, Appreciated and Good Luck with everything man!


Special Thanks to Herrwulf for taking the time to talk with us, it is an honor to get to promote and get to know more about you.

-Tim RavenRotar

Also we have a short music intro we created for one of his tracks called "SunWheel"

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-Special thanks to Angie Zeitler for helping us catch up on all of this! 

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