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Interview with Eldamar

Interview with Eldamar

1.So im honored to welcome you, I have to tell you that I was very impressed to learn that your music and projects are solo, a true one man band..I know it has to be a lot of work so I commend you for that...What instrument do you favor? and can you explain a bit about how this is all created? Do you have a grand studio or do you just set up a sort of more personal way of recording?

 Thank you. I am a guitarist. I have been playing the guitar for 7-8 years I guess. The recording process is just the guitar, bass and screaming vocals. This time I did the vocals in a shooting dungeon from the war in Askim, my home town in Norway. The rest I just do on the computer.

2.I really like the way your music holds harmonic rhythm, a lot of bands in your genre kind of go too far with the wild out of control sound ...which is definitely ok some of the time, but you seem to have a good way of keeping all this balanced,,is their anyone or anything that influences your music and ideas? 

Yes, that is chords and melodies that goes in harmony with each other. When I find or hear a chord progression that goes well with the melody is for me, like hearing what heaven sound like or where. It just resonates with my soul I guess. I just put my deepest shit down with it, and it almost becomes religious. So this project is mostly inspired by Howard Shore, who did the music for LOTR movies.

3.So do you attend any concerts or shows? anyone you would really like to see perform live?

 Oh, there are many I would like to see I guess, but it is not that big of a deal to see bands anymore, if it's not my favorite bands though. Like Children of Bodom is like the biggest revolution for myself so far. Dimmu Borgir too..

4.So if it is ok with you I would like to ask about your spiritual following or beliefs? Do you have interest in the Nordic traditions or any certain practice or following?
Do you believe this following inspires you to be more creative and confident ?

 I do, kind of, well yeah, I am actually very religious. I have been practicing ├ůsatru now for the last years. But the thing is, I have not gone in to the depths about it when it comes to the esoteric side of things, you know magic and stuff. Although I know the runes, but not at the point where I sit down and meditating to them and connect with them in a personal way.

5. Can you tell us who is Eldamar?   everyone has an interesting motivation behind things , can you tell us about why you decided to be a musical artist? any hardships that really tried to prevent your success?

5. I guess it just came naturally. When my last band ended I had gone more and more in to Black Metal. Then I was intending to try some Burzum inspired stuff. But then I got more and more in to Atmospheric stuff. At the same time I was fan of LOTR, especially the music from the movies. There was different chord progressions that had the melody on top of it. It lay in harmony with each other. This stuff really resonates with my soul. I had to do that in Eldamar.

 6.So can you tell us about your recording equipment ? any advice to good software of things to get if you are an aspiring musician or creator like yourself?

 I just plug my guitar into my interface. And I use amp simulator on my guitar signal. I record guitar, bass and vocals in Studio One. Then I just transfer the wav files to FL Studio. In there I do everything of synths and I just put it all together. you have any other hobbies or things you like to do in your area?

 It is mostly music, I work as a welder half the time. But some days I just have to put down the music or I cant do anything else which is crucial to life.

8.So who are some of your favorite artist today? If we were to pull up your recent music list what would we find?

 I mostly listen to Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal

9.If given the opportunity would you be open or interested in collaborating with another artist or submitting to a side project in the future?

 Always, but firstly I need to work with my own stuff to get it out there. It seems like my new Askheimr project cant be finished quick enough.

10.Do you have any upcoming events or any special projects in mind for the future you can reveal a little about to us?

 At the moment I am working with Askheimr with a friend of mine. We are currently writing the songs now. And when everything start to form we will start to look for members to form a band. The genre will be Melodic Death/Black, So this is a thing I will focus almost 100% on. 

11. Do you have any favorite projects or amazing places or things you did or do to get inspiration and ideas for your music?

I think my inspiration comes from great bands, but it is also depended on what happens in my life. A lot of my music comes from me hurting myself in some way haha.

12. Ok, this last question is open for you to mention anything you might want to say or bring up to any listeners or upcoming artists out there trying to create something like yours?  looking for advice or words of wisdom..

 I would say to keep practicing and work. It isn't good until it sounds good to your ears. And dont take so much critics. Yes, always good with some feedback, but who is making the music? If it sounds good to you then it is. Follow your own angels in a sense. And I have to thank everyone that has supported me this far...

Awesome, well I just wanted to thank you again for participating in this Interview project and we look forward to seeing more of your work!

-Tim RavenRotar

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This is a short music intro we created check it out!

-Special thanks Angie Zietler for helping create this interview,
and Thank you to all the followers and supporters out there..We have much more to come!

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