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Written Interview with Faber Of Sowulo

Interview with Faber of Sowulo 

Sowulo is a pagan based band from the great country of the Netherlands. They Create amazing musical performances with inspirations from Norse and Heathen Folklore. They represent the great spirit and energy of this great tradition of our Ancestors. They have just released their new album Sol and we had a great opportunity to have a talk with Faber about his inspirations behind his music and career.

Question 1) I am a follower of the Pagan path I always felt out of place or different then most and I only recently discovered what my true following is, for all the people who may not know, what is your core spiritual path?

As a child I felt attracted to nature, that developed in a interest in paganism in my adolescent life stage. In the last 10 years it became a real spiritual path. 
Hearing Wardruna for the first time in 2008 gave it a real boost. After that a mixture of reading Scandinavian and Germanic Mythology, books about runes and nordic religion, historical lecture, in combination with listening to Scandinavian folk music gave it more dept. In this process it started to embed in my daily life to make the connection with the gods and there energy stronger. I started to celebrate the pagan year feasts with friends and do some small rituals. 
For me rituals are the physical act of spiritual need. It really helps me to approach it that we, because then it can be very small (or very big) and it doesn't have to be structured, as long as it fits for your need. And when there is no need or necessity for it you don't do a ritual.
2 years ago I did an amazing 'workshop' about rune magic, galdr and seidh, which gave it another dimension.
I can conclude that my spiritual path is a modern pagan, nordic / germanic orientated path.

 2) I believe that having a deep spiritual connection really helps brings out your inner creative abilities.
Do you believe that your spiritual practice or following inspired you to create music and improve your life? 

I always been a ambitious, focused, pondering little bugger, and I didn't take life for granted. 
But this path really obligates me to work hard to succeed in what I truly want or need and to let go of what I don't want or need. Its not a easy way of life but it makes you live life at its fullest.
In the last 10years I had a real need to search and walk my spiritual path so I started to make music as a physical act of spiritual necessity, and still I feel very much inspired to make more music with spiritual load.

 3)I seen you were at Castle fest winter edition to celebrate and release your new album Sol, congratulations and thank you for that,!  So do you have anyone in particular who inspired you to create music?

Well thank you for your appreciation! We were in need to make another tribute to the Sun and wanted to emphasize that the Sun-Goddess is being hunted by Sköll, so it was great to release it so close to midwinter. (Can you imagine the foul jaws of Sköll enclosing Sol, creating these darkest days of the year?)
My inspiration to create music is very broad, from classical music to metal. I started playing the piano when I was 10 years old, then followed some electric guitar lessons as teenager and after that everything instrument that came on my path. Including some, for me, spiritual instrument like Nyckelharpa, Jouhikko and the Lyre.
But if I have to name someone who in particular inspired me, then it has to be Einar Selvik. He really blows my mind with his Wardruna music. I always have to fight the temptation to integrate his sound into my own.  

4)Is there anyone that you would really want to collaborate with for any future music?

It really depends on what kind of music it is for. I love to make all kinds of different music like: 'Metal', 'Classical', 'World', 'Dark Folk', Film Music, etc.
So I can't resist the temptation to name three completely different composers. I really think a collaboration with one of these guys below will give life to a really awesome composition. 
#1 Einar Selvik
#2 Ludovico Einaudi
#3 Hans Zimmer

 5)I have recently have had some amazing people participate in this Interview Project, one of them being Drea Drury/ Anilah, I think your deep drum sounds and style would mix Amazingly with her creative vocals,  Would you ever consider doing a small side project with her ? I know time is short  but I'm just curious.

If the opportunity will come I won't hesitate, it would be a pleasure to make some epic tunes with her. Any suggestions what the music should be about? 
Some deep drums, darker drones and maybe addition of Nyckelharpa, piano and some male vocals could give it even more depth...

 6)I recently saw a short movie on you tube from Sowulo official channel called "Ginnungagap" I was very impressed with the quality and intensity of the video, as well as the educational story of the creation of the world's, Are you making anymore of these short movies?  

Because of the choice to not include lyrics in our music, because I think our songs and their subjects don't need words, we try to approach our music more filmic and give it some visual support. I don't know what will come next, but some more short movies are definitely not unthinkable.

But if you like this, you should check out 'Spiraal van Wraak' [Spiral of Vengeance] on youtube.
This is a short historical series that we are very busy with at the moment. It's about the Netherlands in 6th century. I have the honor to be the director of music for this project. 

7.What are some if your favorite bands and musicians that you personally listen too?

Top most listened: Wardruna, Irfan, Garmarna, Arvo Pärt and Bach.

8)I feel like this is a special time in our history,where we can communicate so easily and share our knowledge and experiences , a time of awakening and Self awareness, this is why I'm able to reach you today, I feel everyone has something to learn from one another, Do you think me doing this interview project is a good thing?

Your project is without doubt a good initiative. I think you try to connect on another to inspire each other and fill our spirits with wisdom, that is worth a lot!
I think this time has also a really dark side; people are getting filled with worthless content. So I'm very happy that you approach this world with easy excess to all kinds of information differently.
 Thank you for that!

9)My goal with this project is to inspire others to become one of the next great artist/musicians of today, What advice would have for a young artist/musician starting there path?

Just start the adventure, your musical journey, but always stay true to yourself. You have to make  music that you yourself want to hear. Approach music as a spiritual art. The only important question is what does your spirit need to make.

10)So this question is totally open for you my friend, Anything you want to say to Me or anyone Else out there that came to mind?

Does anyone has the phone number of Drea Drury/ Anilah? ;)

This was an absolute Honor to have this Interview with Faber. 
Sowulo is a great band and i know that they will continue to create amazing projects and music in the future and I hope RavenzCraft Arts can help Support and bring more Awareness to this great music and Art!

Thank You!

 This genre of music is having a huge effect on the world right now, every day more and more people are inspired and awakened by music like this.

I just want to thank Fabar and Sowulo for making this great music that uplifts and inspires many, The way you portray history and education with great entertainment is a great way to reach our younger people, and teach them about our ancestors.

 Here is a short movie video clip called  ginnungagap click this link to view video now.


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