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Interview with Kati Ran

Kati Ran Founder of L.E.A.F. & 3Norns Productions, Is one of the most talented and unique  multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in the “Nordic Folk” music scene, with a combination of folk melodies, poetry and norse shamanistic influence, her music transmits powerful emotion and influence.

This was very inspiring doing this interview it showed me that we are all closer than we think, and if you just have faith in yourself, focus, and work hard nothing is impossible..Thanks to all that are a part of this.

-Tim RavenRotar

Question 1. Well my first question for you is, you obviously follow a certain Spiritual path, now I know it is hard to put an official label on these things but what would you call your religion or following?

It is my personal experience that when we start to name that which has no name, some of the magic get's lost.
In human history it has often been the case that at the moment we start to name or label things and claim them as our own path or pretend we understand something, we lose track of it's core identity and purpose; which is in my humble opinion the journey to become aware of our own unity with that which is sacred, whole and eternal, which is Nature.  
Instead of giving a name to my Spiritual path, I leave it wide open, so it can grow with me, change with me and therefore be truly a part of me.

2. One of the main reasons I am doing these interviews is to awaken and help others become aware that having a strong spiritual belief can really change your life for the better and push you to do great things, How has your following/practice helped you in your life/career?

My aim is to better understand the many sacred components of Nature and my interaction with it. It inspires my writing, but also my way of perceiving the layers of the worlds around me. If feel myself drawn to the Nordic themed stories these last years and this colours my songs, as well as my visual art and in general my view on Life which works in cycles.
The name of my debut album LYS (meaning Light) is strongly connected to some of the themes I worked on internally in the last five years.

Regularly I meet someone who inspires me, but it can also be a tree or a song or bird flying by.
My greatest mentor in the past would have to be the Nature. I recall that as a child I was often sitting in the reeds by a riverside in stillness, or was dreaming away at the base of a tree, or sitting high up in a apple tree orchard, thinking myself to be invisible after I made widdershins three times backwards. It came naturally: I was a dreamer then and still am today.
I have learned over the course of Life from many people, from musicians that thought me the very basics in music and it's tools, from wise men and woman I have briefly talked with, from healers practicing their methods (some more effective than others) and from Nordic themed gatherings with incredible teachers, helping me to grow and root, as well as some of the other psychology studies I have done. There is still a lot to left to explore and I don't feel I have even remotely touched the surface of these topics. I find great joy in discovering and reading more and the rare moments thinking I may have found some connecting threads.

5.What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment professionally and personally?

Phew, such questions you have. Professionally that would have to be about not giving up doing something with music and sticking my foot in firmly in the ground: doing things creatively that match my visions and intent.
I had a lot of wind on my path trying to redirect me into other ways, and I still catch wind.
This has meant for me at some point to start working more as a solo artist, though I greatly enjoy some collaborations.
I can only hope it finds appreciation, but that is not the main aim; doing this is my own 'catharsis' almost.
On a personal level it will have to be living motherhood, mostly alone. My daughter is my greatest joy and good parenting and the responsibility it takes is quite an undertaking.

6.So who do you look up to? If given the chance to have an interview with anyone you choose who would it be?
Everyone you meet probably has some form of a hidden knowledge treasure to share with you. It can be one accidental sentence or a short moment that can give great inspiration. I look up to some great minds from the past and some of the present, but I have no desire to interview them. Rather I sit in shared silence in their company.
Some things aren't learned by exchanging words, but by exchanging frequency.

7.So I was completely amazed and excited when I actually got a reply from you accepting this interview. Do you think this is a good project I am doing? What was it that made you want to do this?  

I prefer not to use terminology of wrong or right. What do you think yourself on the matter?
You have the answers to every question you ask. You only forgot you have them.

8.Anything you want to ask or say to me personally that came to mind?

.... Satan?    ( *it's a classic, come 'on ! )
Jokes aside, I wish you a lot of success in strengthening your work. Do what you think is right for you.

Just want to say thanks again to Kati Ran and all of her crew for providing the world with this beautiful art/music, I just want to encourage you all to keep pushing and working towards your dreams, the results are Amazing!
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