Thursday, January 19, 2017

RavenzCraft Arts Interview Listing

RavenzCraft Arts Interview Project List

This is the list of all the amazing people that were involved in this project so far, The links provided link directly to the artists websites where you can learn more about them.

The actual Interviews with them are farther down the scroll of this Blog.

Raevedis Rasmussen/

Drea Drury/Anilah

Jaqueline Helisir

Eril Bolverkr/ Galdrastafir artist/Erils workshop

Frater "Ata" Adian Trine/

Frater Ophiel/ The Academy Of The Magickal Arte

Uncle Birchtree from the Sacred Grove

The creator of The Witchbox online box

Steve Patterson/ Wind and Raven Recovery

Art Mason /Warriors Path


Nikolai Jones 

Chris Forbush

Diana Paxson-Writer/Author of many Asatru and Norse books and a very inspirational part of the education of our ancestors ways.

We are currently still producing and editing some of these for release still but they will all be posted here 1st!  before the public release, and some only available here in this Blog.


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  1. This is an overwhelmingly, amazing line up of artists and practitioners. Magnificent work here. Looking forward to browsing through all of the sites provided, that link to each individual or group participating!! Bravo :)