Thursday, January 19, 2017

RavenzCraft Arts Official Special Access Blog

RavenzCraft Arts Special Access Page

Special member only access to Unreleased Interviews, Special Projects and much more!

Welcome to the RavenzCraft Arts Special Access blog Introduction Page.

Here you will get access to Special Interviews and Content only available to you in this special membership group.

Things you get for joining:

-Access to unreleased written and video interviews, extra side projects and collaboration content with some amazing musical artists and magic practitioners.

-Unreleased music, short movies, interviews, special projects, plus early access viewing to upcoming events. 

-Chances to win free giveaways of many different products.

-We will still be adding more to this Special access membership once it gets more established, this is a way to create funding for future projects and interviews and ways to create Entertaining Educational content for us all to learn more about our history and to connect ourselves and understand the old ways of our ancestors.

- There will be some other very experienced and talented people involved in creating this so your getting more then just RavenzCraft Arts you are getting authentic content and knowledge from real practitioners and teachers of many crafts and arts.

Thank you for all the support and interest, Dont worry, we will still be providing the same great content and materials to the public as always!  This membership will give you a closer and unique look into more content and material and will help support the creation of more projects to come.

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