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RavenzCraft Arts Presents Laura Fella

RavenzCraft Arts Interviews project presents

Laura Fella of the band Faun

First off we would like to thank and welcome you to RavenzCraft Arts

We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us, it is amazing getting to know a bit more about you and your inspirations behind your music and career  

So first thing we want to thank and welcome you for taking part in the Ravenzcraft Arts Interviews project, and Happy 2018 by the way!..

Wishing you a very happy 2018 too and thank you for having me!

1. let's jump back and learn a bit about your past, if that's ok,,
When was it that you first realized you had a passion for creating and performing music?

That was pretty early actually, probably already in my childhood. I always participated in choirs and stuff like that. When I was around 15, some friends and I started making music in a small stable-addition. Haha, that was really cold in wintertime.

2.Was there anyone personally in your life who inspired you early on to persue a Music career?

Well, actually my granny always told me I should become a singer, but since my family didn't have that much money, we couldn't afford any classes so. Thats why I started working besides school really early, which shifted my focus and sadly also my beliefs. 

 3.What about musical artists,?Who did you listen to as a child or young teen that really inspired you?

Well there are quite a few, but let’s name the really important ones: Garmarna, Tool, Limp Bizkit and Gjallarhorn. And actually I’ve listened to FAUN’s „Licht“ quite a few times as well. :) 

4. So what about now,? if we were to pull up your current playlist, what would we find?
Favorite movies/show?
Favorite or most current music?

Okay, let’s dive into music. My favorite and most current music will be Gjallarhorn, Tool, Alcest, Eivør, Valravn, Opeth, Sarah Jarosz and Mars Red Sky.
Also, there are too many great movies, but right now, I`m rewatching my favorite series again - „The Killing“. I’m that Thriller Kind Of Girl. ;)

5.So I have to say your voice and performing are beautiful, did you have special music training or classes you attended? 

Thank you! :)
Yes, definitely. Since I didn't study music, I’ve worked together with some awesome Vocal Coaches and visited Workshops, to not only show me the basics but also pushing me forward. Last September I started to work with a Vocalist again. It’s so important to have somebody out of the matter, somebody you can trust, who will give you professional advice and can answer an endless amount of questions. ;) Still - all of my performing is based on experience though. :)

5. I myself am very interested in Norse folklore, and the research and history of the runes and old sagas/eddas there is so much beautiful literature and information out there, Do you have a certain interest or connection with any specific traditions or following?
And if so, do you have any favorite or very meaningful literature or anything you take inspiration from?

Totally agree. Well, since my teens I’ve always been very interested in Norse and Celtic mythologies and history. Not that much in Runes in specific, but I’ve read the Edda quite a few times back then, as well as some Celtic and Germanic Fairytales. I can recommend all of them. ;)
Also I really love to read poems, especially those about nature - in my opinion they worship old roots in a very beautiful and modern way.

6. So for those of us who don't already know, you are the newest band member correct? how did you first come to meet the band Faun? 

Thats quite a funny story, actually. When I was around 19 or 20, I’ve been part of a medieval-inspired project with a good friend of mine, who - back then - lived in the same house as Niel. He got to hear it our music and my singing and liked it.
Our paths split though, but when they got to find a new singer, everything somehow led us here. :)

7.How about before joining Faun, can you tell us about your career leading up to? Have you ever been in any other bands/group in the past?

Yup, like around three, or something :) First the small circle in the stable, than the medieval project and after that I became the singer of „Mrs. Robert Cube“, a kinda Garage-Rock Band. 

We recorded an album and had some success in the Munich-Area but then we split because I moved away. I was also playing guest-bass in another band of some friends of mine. 

After moving to Switzerland, I was left with no band and that actually pulled me down. But then suddenly I got the chance to tour with Eluveitie and that was truly amazing and uplifting like nothing else before! ;) At almost the same time I got contacted by FAUN and yes, my heart kinda stopped. ;)

8.So I'm sure you get to meet and have contact with some very cool and interesting people, Can you tell us any other bands or people you have met,? Or that you have become good friends with?

I’ve met so many amazing people and bands! Wow, well to name a few - Eluveitie, Skalmöld, Wardruna, The Agonist, Versengold and so many more.
 I can’t wait for 2018, as we will also be playing with Garmarna! :-O And hell yes, I made quite some good friends. They know, who they are but especially I really want to name all the members of FAUN. Love you guys. ;) 

9.So I know personally, being successful as an artist/musician has it's ups and downs, can you tell us about any difficulties you had gaining your way through your career?
And any favorite perks of the job?

Well, I would say the hardest thing was not loosing faith in what I was doing and in all the dreams, I had. There were quite some times where I was laying really down on the floor, I just didn’t know which way to go. 

I had a job which I really really hated and all I wanted to become was a full-time musician. When I finally quit this job though, we didn't have that much money and that’s still exaggerating, haha. 
But just when I really didn't know what to do anymore, everything fell into place. There were quite a few sacrifices but they were all worth it. :)

 My favorite perks definitely are being able to perform! Making music on a stage with an awesome crowd in front of you. A crowd that is listening, dreaming and falling into the music, you are a part of. This is like the greatest gift. To give people something. :) 
Also its great to travel around the world, see many different places and meet all those amazing people. Im very grateful for everything Im able to experience :)

9.So what about besides music,? Do you have any hobbies or interests that you like to do? Hiking, traveling with friends and family?

I love love love drawing and painting - that really calms me. Besides that I love being out in nature, hiking and exploring new and old places. And doing sports like yoga, running and a bunch of others. :)
Friends and Family are very important to me, too. :)

10. Do you have any places in the world, big cities, historical places, that you want to visit in the future? 

Yes, definitely! I really want to visit Iceland, Norway and Sweden. I want to travel the USA (again and again and again) and especially hike in Canada and Alaska.
Also there are so many historical places and cities I want to visit, maybe to many, but to name a few: Prague, Edinburgh, Dublin, Glasgow and as a first milestone some ancient places in Germany. :) I don't like the heat that much, so I’ll focus on the north. :)

11.What about festivals or performance venues? Any favorites so far? or any events coming up that you may want to mention that you are excited about?

In 2017 our show in Prague was truly amazing, it was FAUN’s first time in Czech Republic and the audience was just insanely amazing. But there are a bunch of other shows, I truly love to remember as well.
For 2018, I really cant wait to play at Castlefest and in Switzerland, together with Eluveitie. :)

12.So random question, If you could Interview or talk with any actor, musician, or artist from the past or current day, who would it be? 

Probably James Maynard Keenan or Emily Dickinson.

14.So out of this list can you tell us your favorites..?

Vegan Indian Food and Coconut Ice Cream.

Favorite Car or vehicle of your dreams?
 None, I want to sell mine. ;)

Ideal place to live? 
In a very tiny house in the forest, close to a lake and tons of birds waking me in the morning.

15.So i put together Ravenzcraft Arts to help bring awareness and let other upcoming artists get inspiration from these interviews and Projects, from what you have seen, what do you think about Ravenzcraft Arts,? How am I doing?
Do you think this is a good thing?

To be honest, I really like it! I appreciate your work and also the platform, you’re offering! Keep on doing it! It’s pretty unique and I enjoyed doing this interview, as it got some really nice and unusual questions.

16.This last question is open for you, Is there anything you want to say or mention here to all of us fans and followers ? 
Any closing words?

I want to thank everyone of you,everyone taking time to read, listen, feel and watch - my and our music, everyone who's following my journey and supporting me in every way.
Thank you.

-Just want to thank you again for taking the time to let us get to know you and sharing your experiences with us, it is very interesting to get the artists perspective on things, people misunderstand how much dedication and hard work being successful is...we appreciate everything, Thank you.

Thank you so much for those words! Thanks for having me, it was my pleasure!

Special Thank you to Laura for doing this Interview!
It is great to get a peek into the amazing lives of artists and musicians, keep pushing forward you are all creating amazing music!

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