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RavenzCraft Arts presents Dark Awake

RavenzCraft Arts Presents

Dark Awake
Interview with Shelmerdine

First I would like to Thank and Welcome you to the 
RavenzCraft Arts Interviews Project it is an honor to get to speak with you and learn about your creative process, we appreciate your time.

1. The first question we have for you is about your past, can you tell us where you are from and when you were first inspired to create Music?

-1. First of all i would like to thank you about this interesting interview.
Dark Awake is a martial / neoclassical / neofolk / dark ambient / ritual / post industrial band from Hellas (Greece) and was founded by me ( SHELMERDINE VI° )  about 2002 Anno Domini.
All Instrumentation, Orchestration, Human Bones (Kangling), Apocalyptic Sounds, Production is done by me and the Narrations , 
Choirs and Vocals by Sekte.
We have released 6 full length albums , 2 mini albums , one 7' vinyl EP  and 1 split album until now in various audio phycical formats like Vinyls, cds, Tapes.

The music is inspired by occult subjects and has a strong philosophical and alchemical context.
So, Dark Awake is a path for me to express my philosophy , my views and my magical experiences. 

2. Can you tell us any artists or musicians that you looked up to or any person in general that you were inspired by early on in your life?

Readings by Austin Osman Spare, Guido von List, Karl Maria Wiligut, Stephen Flowers, Evola, Dion Fortune,  Crowley and many others..

3.Your Official name 
"Dark Awake" is very interesting, can you tell us the meaning behind the name and the story and idea behind all of this? 

 "Dark Awake" name is about the self realization , the awakening of our shadow self (the dark side) and all the undeveloped abilities that lie in the subconscious of man.

4.I noticed your music is very creative and you use alot of sound effects and certain tones to set the mood, Do you have any special ways or places you get or create these sounds and special effects from?

 - All of my music ideas and soundscapes rising from the chaos. This is interesting because out of chaos
usually emerge interesting things.
I turn the deep thought into music by achieving a situation where the mind is immobile to be able to perceive the subtle vibrations of inspiration.
All my esoteric methods deal with essence of man, his instincts, his needs and desires.
My esoteric rituals guide me into the desired state of mind in order to get wisdom, mental strength and self-realization.
I had used Bone instruments in the some or the previous releases and probably we will do it again
in the future recordings.We prepared ourselves to enter the desired state of mind to concieve our visions and emotions through music...

5. I also have realized that your music pairs very well with short movies or film, 
 I have recently released one myself called "The lost soul" using one of your tracks,,
 do you create your music for this specific use in mind?

 I highly appreciate that your using my music for your very inspired short film . I can write music specifically designed for soundtracks but this is not that i have in mind 
when i compose for Dark Awake.
The quality of sound and the orchestration in many of my releases probably can be used as soundtrack music for films.

6. Along your career as a musician and artist I'm sure you have came across many other like minded and talented people, can you tell us anyone in particular that you have made contact with or even collaborated with that was a great excitement for you? 

 In our last album “Atropos Of Eudaimonia”  we had 2 guests, one was Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) from the Italian cult black metal band EVOL who has taken the artwork pictures 
for the CD and the other was Richard Weeks (from Carnivorous Forest) who has added male vocals on the  “Kneel To The Cross” (song cover by Sol Invictus).

7.So what are some of your your favorite artists of today? Any favorite musician or artist you are following closely?

What is important is, to be open minded.
That is at least what i have experienced.Throughout the recent year, I have had the opportunity to explore so many different kinds of musical expressions,because of my open mindedness.
Some music examples are Throbbing Gristle,  The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud,  Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Dead Can Dance, Zero Kama and many others..

8.I also noticed you have a deep interest in many areas of history, do you have a certain spiritual following or traditions that you research or follow?

 My researches are mainly by Ahrimanic Persian Sorcery, Anachronism, Art, Baroque, Goetia, Dandysm, Elitism, Enochian, Erotism, Fantasy, History, Literature, Occultism, Orientalism,  Luciferian ,
Renaissance, Romanticism, Runes, Saturn, Secret Societies, Sethanic Witchcraft, Sigils,
Symbolism, Sumerian Civilization, Zoroastrian, Zos Kia, Victorian, W.O.T.A.N., 1700s, 1800s, 1900s, 1920s...

9. What are your thoughts on Magick, Sorcery and the occult studies? Do you think some of these teachings and information is important to our history?

The resurrection and recognition of the ancient mysteries and traditions that they are teaching man to control the balance between positive and negative energies.
The Tradition, which includes all of those teaching, gives the solutions to the big questions of history.

10.So do you have any special events or plans for Dark Awake or yourself in the near future?
Any new albums or upcoming Projects you may want to let us in on?

 We are planning to release  2 new  split albums one with a dark ambient band  and one with a neoclassical /martial industrial band  that will be a concept a split album about a famous ancient Hellenic epic poem. Also 2 new mini albums. All that will be released in physical formats digipack CDs and some of them on Pro Tapes. 

11.Would you be interested in creating or collaborating with us or another artist on a future short film or project?

 It is my honor for me to collaborating with RavenzCraft Arts and you have my total support.
I 'm interested to collaborate only with people and artists that i respect. I don't respect artists who does not put his/her  spirit into the work, but is only in for money or for superficial amusement.

12. This last question is open for you, is their anything you want to say or mention to all the fans and followers out there?
Any words or advice you have from your experience as an artist/Musician

-Test Everything. Believe in Nothing...

On behalf of  Dark Awake  

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