Monday, October 23, 2017

RavenzCraft Arts Album Review of Runahilds New Release"Seidrunar" 

Hello Everyone, welcome and thanks for your time. 
Recently RavenzCraft Arts was given the great opportunity to do an Official album review for a very talented and awesome upcoming musical artist from Norway Runahild.

I have to say I was really taken by this new album, you can really tell Runahild is improving and becoming more comfortable with her "craft"
This 2nd Album release "Seidrunar" which translates to "Secrets of Seidr" is about 
"Coming to the depths of the Soul"

This is her explanation of the new album, 
 The older album Seidgaldr was about the journey into the "darkness" to find your inner light and to heal past "wounds"after all the journeys and lessons learned in life". 
 To see that the Norns are weaving the fate of all and begin to understand the connections and how everything is is a seeking of your true heart and the mysteries of the Universe.
Seidgaldr is an "Inward Journey" 
Seidrunar is about coming to the innermost self and seeing it mirroring the outside worlds, so now it is an "Outward Journey" to the Stars and Beyond...

What do we think of the New Album? 

This New Album by Runahild really made us official lifetime fans of her and her music. We have heard past projects with her other label group Eliwager and really enjoyed it, but this new project Seidrunar really caught our ears and hearts..This is a really Powerful album, from the 1st track "Fra stjerner til Jorda" you are taken into a dreamscape of her beautiful enchanting voice, through a journey of natural sounds from rushing water to the whispering winds. 
We particularly like the last tracks of both her solo released albums, track 11 called "Spinnerokk-Sangen" where you seem to be taken to a special secret location, sounds of a cave or cove near water bring visions and dreamlike states into your mind...a very soothing and relaxing place to escape to.  This album is a good mix for relaxation and clarity, You can really tell Runahild is transforming and advancing her craft and confidence into her true artistic potential, I believe we have a lot more to come from this great musician. 
It is very hard to pick a favorite track as each song brings out and expresses on many different levels. 
There is another Song we really enjoy "Sjelens Heim" translated as 
"The Souls Home" track 10, that really seems to stand out from the rest, this song will be featured and a part of a 
Special Suprise Project soon to be announced!

Runahild describes her sound as "Ethereal Heathen" it is a very unique style that is both soothing and energizing, from harmonic sounds to the beating tribal drums, this is an Album that you can press play and let the whole thing play through without hesitation, We are really excited to see the public reaction to this project, In our Opinion it is some of Runahilds best work,  the only bad thing about this album is that it ends..

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Below is a link for a Short Introduction Video we created for the upcoming projects and collaboration with Runahild

Special Thanks to Runahild and all the supporters and followers out there it is a honor to create these projects with such great people!
This Album will be available very soon visit her websites for updates.
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