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Interview With Mahr

RavenzCraft Arts Presents

Written Interview with Mahr

Mahr is a very unique and talented musical artist and sound designer from Madison,Wi
She has her own label Hypogeum and past work with
 Pale Noir and collaborations with many other awesome artists from around the world.

1.) So it's been awhile since we last spoke officially, and you have been very busy creating New music and Projects, Can you tell us a little about this new project/record label Hypogeum?

Hypogeum is a more focused label specifically black ambient, black metal, doom, obscure noise. Pale Noir will still be but I feel I have exhausted most ideas with it for now. It was all over the place so I really wanted to get something going that reflects more of my current passions in music styles but again, much more focused this time around. 
The idea of Hypogeum is to simply go within. Creating from the internal womb that is grounded in the lower realm. More raw. Direct. 

2.)I did a bit of research on the topic "Hypogeum"and where it is located and the stories and theories behind it, Have you ever visited or plan on visiting this location? And is there a specific reason for naming it that?

That specific location you speak of is The Hypogeum of Ħal-Saflieni. A more popular neolithic subterranean structure. And though I used the imagery from this location to reflect the label. It is not based off of that particular place. Rather it is based off of the word Hypogeum itself and what it means. Which again literally means "underground", from Greek hypo (under) and gaia (mother earth or goddess of earth). It usually refers to an underground temple or tomb on a physical format. But on the spiritual it reflects going deep within ones own tomb (if you will) your womb of self. That is connected to the earth realm. The space of Malkuth in hermetic. So again. More grounded. Underworld. Earthly. Raw. 

2. So I am listening to some of your newest content right now off of the Wretched Project,

 I really like the sound and vibe you have created with this, was there something different this time around, it is a lot more raw and dark, but in a good way, there something that happened or Inspired your ideas to Create this particular project? 

I wanted to combine my familiar elements that lay in the darker ambient work from my past with my love of black metal. It was a very natural process for me and made complete sense. In fact this release unfolded with the most ease out of any other release I have done. Partly because I am getting more of a handle on my sound as well as more knowledge in general in music production. I have had a huge passion for black metal for some time especially the more atmospheric style. The idea of starting Hypogeum and what it was going to be in terms of genre ignited The Wretched. 

3. I also really like Utu Laturi,

 he is another great artist I discovered because of you actually, thanks for that he is very unique, I like his content and way of Expression.

 Can you Tell us how you met him and came about to collaborate?

We found each other on Soundcloud many years ago. During the more active time of Pale Noir Records. I immediately seen a very unique attention to detail sound in his work. And he fit the bill for the more darker experimental ambient sound that I wanted to hear for Pale Noir. 

I released a CD digipack album called Nielu. Which I found to be his best work. There was so much detail and time as well as personal struggles he was fighting that came out in that album. Naturally it made sense to have he and I start Hypogeum with a combination of our ideas. We had no plan. We simply let it take off as we made it  song by song. It was a very challenging release for me and pushed me in ways I had not yet experienced. I am forever grateful as it changed me musically for the better. 

4.)So I've noticed through your social media Content you have been doing a lot of traveling,,can you tell us a few favorite places and Experiences you have had in your recent journeys? Any favorite locations?

So far my fav was Colorado. I honestly do not travel often. For me anyways. But if I could it is all I would do. I want to to see the entire world. I feel most alive when I am seeing and doing. It is not the cities that attract me. I long to see the planet itself. The way she changes and transforms and her relation to everything on it  as a whole. It is in our very nature to connect to her as we are not separate from her. I like to travel to see what other energies I can receive from her to help my awareness widen. 

5.)Do you think that taking these excursions and adventures help your creative process and give you more ideas and Inspiration to create?

Absolutely. That goes along with deepening my awareness which in turn deepens everything else in my life and what I give out to my own reality. 

6.) So from my experiences you are a very laid back and seem like a very cool person to be around, you seem to be a very "free spirit", So what's your plan for the future? Moving to a new destination or just expanding and seeing where life takes you?

I intend to eventually relocate. But that is also up in the air right now. So in the time being yes I will continue to keep seeing and doing as much as I can. I personally do not do well with simply existing. Staying in one place repeating my life day by day exactly the same way. It is maddening to me and I go into depression this way. I have always felt this deep pull to stay on the move. Try new things out. Take adventures. And most of all push myself in every way. I will never know who I am or what I am made of if I never open that door. 

7.) I'm very interested in creating some visual effects or videos with your music in collaboration with other visual artists from around the world, 

I have a few very cool graphic artists in mind that would really be interesting to create and mix with. Would you be open to working with a few ideas or projects like this in the future?

If it feels right sure.

8.) I noticed you did collaborate with quite a few artists in your last few projects, Anyone or any certain song in particular you really enjoyed creating?

All of them to be honest. They each offered to me something different in their approach. Each piece was its own entity. As long as I walk away with new ideas and growth it was worth it. And I absolutely did with each one. 

9.) So for all the fans and aspiring artists out there, is there any advice or words of encouragement you can give us?

It is an individual path. We are all seeing this reality differently through our own awareness. Experiences and surroundings. So with that I feel that is something each person needs to figure out for themselves. 

10.)So I just wanted to tell you that you are a part of what actually inspires me to keep pushing, and creating.

I believe you are a "true" artist because you  create to not only express yourself, but to inspire and spark others to do the same..and I thank you for that.

What is one of the reasons you create? 

I simply need to express. Get stuff out of me. 

12.) Ok funny random 


If you had 1 album to pick from and 2 other things of your choice to be stranded on an island with what would they be?

Lluvia - Enigma 

Drinking water. TONS.

Mahr has been very cool and open about sharing her life and experiences with us, she is definitely one of our Favorites, and we appreciate everything..
She has alot of new content out this year under her new label Hypogeum

Check her out at these links below

Here is a short collaboration Intro we created for one of our favorite songs from her called Friction

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