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Eril Bolverkrs 64 day Initiation Journey

This is a very Special Personal Journey from a good friend and very talented Rune and Galdrastafir Artist from India Eril Bolverkr if you are not familiar with his work go check out his facebook website at

Eril is currently undergoing a "Spiritual Test" or "Initiation" from teachers and shamans of ancient knowledge, he will be pushed to his limits and experience "lessons" from the ancient spirits and guides of the land.

He is going to be sharing his Journal entries with us each day and tell us what he feels and goes through....

This is the first message i received from him
Day 1

During this 64 days of spiritual journey, I will fall into a 12 hours trance, and I'll learn a thing or two. At the end of each trance I write a journal entry about what I see, meet, and things that I learn on the other side. This I'll share with you, which you can then publish on your page in any format you deem suitable. Some time in the 64 day period, I will "die", or rather go on a 60 hours trance non-stop. That would be the peak of my journey, and after I survive that, I should be able to function normally. As a heads-up whatever knowledge I receive may not be always be magical or rune-related in nature.

'll start with my entry today:
Day 1 (May 25th 2017). Met a weird guy on the other side, just beyond the underground death tunnel/gate. He's my personal angel of death, the very specific one who would come to get me when I die for real. He waited for me, sitting on dark grey rock, calm and serene. His name is Chwveztsnyuk, or Chuets-Nyuk, or something like that. Bloody hard to pronounce. Cvets was the about 3 feet tall, with navy blue skin. Small guy with long black dreadlocks, slightly unkempt beard and a sharp gaze. His clothes were made of rough hide, goat hide maybe, Flintstone style, and he used his dreadlocks as a belt. Imagine the god Shiva or Krishna, but add beard and dreadlock, then shrink him to the size of a leprechaun then you'd have fair idea how Cvets looked like. Cvets got real squeaky voice, and I couldn't help but to laugh when he greeted me. Mistake. Lil guy put me down with the lesson of the day, he said this (quote): "I am the embodiment of all things you've ridiculed, that you look down upon, underestimate and disrespect. I will be the bringer of your death, if you do not change your mindset. You think yourself above ordinary human because you see aura and thus, thoughts and emotions. You're not. You're no more noble than your fellow humans because your abilities make you careless. Learn to see beyond the obvious, respect others for they are, not for what they can or cannot do or appear to be. Respect others for the virtue of their existence. Until you do, you can never truly win a real battle because you have not defeated your arch-enemies, Ignorance, Disrespect and Ridicule. Your existence bring healing and laughter to others, such are your gifts, but they do not permit you to put others beneath you, by belittling them, underestimating them or refusing to acknowledge their better selves. Respect others for the virtue of what they are. Only then will you realize that there is no such thing as winning or losing, only balance." We walked a fair distance, to a river with water red as blood. It's full of elongated razor sharp rocks that float and flow with the stream. I figured that if any mortal soul gets in there without stone-skin enchantment on himself, that would be the end of him. But there's the catch, the bloody water cancels out any enchantment and if you shape-shift to fly over it, the stones will just launch upward and put holes on you. Cvets then said "Cross this river, and we will begin your next lesson." Tried as I might, I failed, over and over. Cvets found himself a stone and sat down, watching silently my vain attempt to cross the bloody river. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

I have tried speaking with Eril but he seems very busy and is just sending the daily entries, I encouraged him to trust in himself, and wished him good luck...

Day 2 

Day 2 (May 26th 2017) Arrived at the end of the Death Gate quite unceremoniously. Tumbled out face first. I don’t know what’s with this particular Soul Walking journey, I have such shitty control over myself. Those experienced in this practice will know just how easily one controls oneself on the other side. Not this time though, it felt just like mundane world where you can lose balance and feel gravity. On the bright side, I noticed that I don’t get disoriented very easily. My sense of direction felt pretty sharp, didn’t mean I know which way is where, but things looked the same compared to yesterday and that’s what gave me better sense of direction. The old androgynous being who was the gate keeper just sat by his/her/hir fire and watched me tumbled and rolled on the parched dirt. Oh well, at least I didn’t bloody dive into the bonfire, that would’ve pissed him/her off. Cvets was already there, perching on his rock. If he acknowledged my presence he did not make it known. As soon as I stood up he simply walked towards direction of the Red River, so I followed him. “So, headin to the river are we?”. No answer. “You feelin well today Sir?”. No answer. Piece of shit. We walked on. I simply took in the foreign landscape and studied it. Here, everything is a shade of black and red. You can still perceive colors though. The light was ambient enough you could make you what colours things are as far as your eyes can see. But things got redder the further they were. Light here behaved in a weird way. In the mundane world, we’re used to seeing light coming from a source. The further something is from the light source, the darker it seems because the gradual lack of light. Here, light seemed suspended in the air, as if the air itself emanated light. It did not come from any source, you would not cast a shadow here, even underfoot, there isn’t a darker shade. What’s funny was that the sky was black, with occasional blazes of orange aurora. No star, nothing. While on the topic of nature, I should mention that the landscape looked pretty barren. Rocks and boulders everywhere. The sharp grass was the colour of straw, its prickly flowers were a shade of coffee. Trees here were huge but stunted. They looked more like roots growing upward. No leaves. The mountainous terrain on the horizon had jagged tops, real spiky. What’s really weird though, was that this world curved upward, unlike the horizon of our mundane world. In our world we live ON a globe. Here, it’s INSIDE a globe, or that’s how it seemed. I could only speculate. Cvets and I arrived finally on the bank of the Red River. It looked just as deadly as it was yesterday. Cvets pointed out to the stream and said “Cross it”. “I’ll try mate, I’ll try”. I stood there for several minutes trying to figure out what to do. The river wasn’t that wide, twice the length of a car maybe. I started to look around to see if there’s any large rock or big logs I could haul to create a makeshift bridge. Well, there were rocks alright, but I might as well try to move a fucken tree. Bloody thing was solid and when I tried to dig it out, guess what, IT HAD ROOTS. Bloody root fucken. When the fack did rocks start growing roots? I could dug out a couple of smaller ones and managed to construct a protrusion from the bank. But there was no way I could do bridge the entire width of the Red River this way. I tried shapeshifting into a small giant then dig and carry rocks, but that exhausted me far to quickly. Therefore, this option is a no go. I got no idea how long I dug and hauled rocks, but after what seemed hours, I only had like 6 feet of protrusion. I thought that’s a progress on my part, except that the river seemed to get wider. I thought my eyes were deceiving me due to fatigue, so I kept working and added a couple more feet to the protrusion. Guess what, THE RIVER GOT WIDER. Fack this magical shit of a bloody river and its bloody magic enchantment shit ye piece of magical runny turd ya fack. I just slumped on dirt and throw gravels to the river, marvelling my glorious defeat. Cvets seemed to notice me at last and croaked “You must accept the river as it is.” Out of sheer frustration, I threw a rock his way. Yep, I just tried to lob an angel of death with a rock. And I got what I deserved. The rock hit me at the back of my head while I looked on to see if I scored. Cvets 1, Eril 0. Kudos to you Cvets. “You’re not helping Mister, how the hell am I supposed to cross this?”. “By accepting her and showing that you accept her”. Great, now the river has a gender. So, I could hit on her or something. Blowjob maybe? Naah, ain’t sticking my dick in there. No way.

I sat there and thought ferociously. Then I went to the water and cupped it with my hand, a rock sliced me slightly. It didn’t hurt that much. At this point I thought, fuck it, if I fail, I fail. So I dipped my hands further and let the rocks cut them. When I took them out, they were bleeding mildly. I steeled myself, I took one step after another. Slowly. I got cut alright, and by now, my calves were a mess. Strangely though, each cut hurt slightly less than the previous one. I was a quarter of the way and the water was hip deep. You know that feeling when you were kids and you got into trouble, then mum found out; and you know that you’re in for some whooping when you got home but you came back anyway? Well, now it felt like that. One step at a time. My head was under water. Then things got interesting. In the red current of the bloody river, I saw glimpses of myself. I saw myself laughing at people, judging them for their flaws, belittling them, and refusing to see beyond what I thought was right. The whole thing stirred feelings I’d rather not talk about. Especially when you saw all the stupid shit you did to your parents, people who really care about you, your dead relatives and friends. It made you regret things and felt sorry, not for yourself but for all those people who’ve fallen victims to your stupidity. Just as I stood there underwater, amidst floating razor sharp rocks, a lady whose countenance were made of swirling water and bubbles swam against the current towards me. Think of Galadriel when Frodo offered her The Ring. Except she was red. She hugged me and said “Water cleanses. Let it go.” Man, if I could cry right there I would. Except I was underwater. In her embrace, the rocks didn’t cut me anymore. They skirted us. I was too relieved and exhausted to process what transpired next. This was a truly weird feeling, to lose consciousness in the death realm. It’s like dreaming of your own death from your own point of view, not as a third person. Meeehhh... watch Inception, you’d have better idea. I woke up on the other side of the bank. Cvets was rubbing the red water onto the mess of my body (soul). The smaller cuts disappeared already. Only three gashes remained. One above my right ear, one on the left cheek, and another on my chest. Cvets kept rubbing water onto my arms, abdomen and legs, using his dreadlocks as daub. Smiling thinly , he said “That’s how it feels to accept.” I woke up on my makeshift under the great tree where I meditated, feeling like I’ve just wrestled an elephant. There were dark spots all over the linen. Blood.

64 day Initiation to be continued...

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