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RavenzCraft Arts Presents Daudr

RavenzCraft Arts Interview with

Marten Ytell/Daudr

First I just want to thank you for taking the time to talk with us, and let us all know a bit moreabout you both, I have been following you and your artwork for a year or two now and I really like your style and the way you incorporate runes and magical symbols into your art work.

1. For those of us who don't already know, can you tell us a bit about yourself and a little about your past and where you grew up,?

Thank you. I am a member of the heathen art project Bloodreligion which started about a year ago, where I work mainly with bones and skulls. I also paint and photograph, often mixing the two.

I was born in the late 70's and grew up in Helsingland, Northern Sweden in a rural working class setting. During my teens in the 90's I was very much into the Nordic Metal scene, and
experienced the rise of bands such as Dissection, Satyricon and Entombed, to name a few. 

I was in bands myself at times, some of them Black Metal with Norse heathen lyrics, but also folk music. I still participate in musical projects from time to time and it's something I truly enjoy doing.

2.If its ok to ask, obviously upon studying your work you have a interest in norse history and
folklore, can you share with us your families traditional practices? and your own personal
spiritual belief or following?


Yes, I've been interested in Norse/Germanic mythology and symbolism since my youth. With the Norwegian church burnings and a rising neo-Nazi culture in the 90's, it was not very ”kosher” to exhibit such an interest openly during this time in Sweden.

 For example, one could not wear a Mjölnir pendant without being reprimanded and dubbed a Nazi Skin Head in school. Of course, this had an opposite effect on me because I found it ignorant and contra-productive.

I have recently been trying to evolve my ability to sense the ”other side” or Underworld, a part of me which I have kept tucked away since my childhood. 

My mother actually took me to see a”cunning woman” when I was about five years old, who supposedly blocked my contact with my dead grandfather on account on me being too young to handle it. The ancestral cult is what is most important in my spirituality. I do believe that the ones of my blood that has walked this
earth before me now walks beside me, aiding me, if I choose to listen.

3.What area of norse history interest you most? for example the gods or deities you prefer or 
are attracted to? like for example the Rokkr or underworld gods and goddesses such as Hella
and Gullvieg do you have interest or study any of these topics?

It is all about Odin for me. He is a personal rolemodel of mine because he is everything he 
wants to be, a great shaman with no concern of norm or dogma. I also would like to mention
Fenrir as a symbol for breaking your chains and doing what you were conceived to do without

4.There are many ways to use the runes, How do you use the Runes? strictly for art purposes?
or do you actually create galdrastafir or magical symbols for use? such as to create a spell or
runic formula, I personally have been studying and researching runic magic such as galdrastafir
and visual spells using runes, do you practice any kind of magick or ritual practice?

Well, I personally don't think that there is any discrepancy between doing runes/staves for art or magical purposes. They are one and the same; every time I make art of any form, for myself or a customer, and it brings some sort of meaning and emotion I have made magic.

I work alot with ”automatic scribbling” where I just let my mind and hand go, and the bindrune will appear through intuition. 

Besides my own personal ritual work I am in what we Swedes call
a Blotlag, which is a group of likeminded people that get together and do rituals. We try to  conduct a blot atleast four times a year, like the solstices and the ancestral blot. 

The Blotlag,
which is called Helsinge Ulvhednar, are working on becoming more than just a ritual group though, as we are working towards creating a tribe of people looking for a alternative to the
modern world.

5.So back to your art, which is awesome by the way, do you have a certain way of creating? 
like playing loud music as you do it, or light candles or any kind of special set up to get yourself into the "mood" that is needed for the Image or creation?

I am very non-original in this sense. 
There will be incense. There will be candles. If you are really lucky there will be classical music (Brandenburg concerto no. 2 preferably), loud.
And non-alcoholic beer.

6.Do you have a specific set or style of runes you prefer to use and create art with?

Yes, I prefer the elder futhark of purely aesthetical reasons.

7.Do you have any favorite music? or any artists you like to study and inspire you?

I really do listen to every kind of music. A good song is a good song etc. but I do prefer music on 

the heavier side. Mostly the same 90's Death and Black Metal band I would listen to back in the 


I also indulge in country and folk music at times. Wovenhand, Deicide, Storm and Sigrblot 

are some of my favorite bands.

8.I notice you have a beautiful home and land in your pictures,Do you enjoy hiking or use nature to inspire your work and art?

Thank you. It is absolute key for my art. We do live in an amazingly beautiful part of the world,
but that is not all. 
The landscape is absolutely teeming with folklore and myths, for example one can stumble upon a large rock in the forest and there is going to exist some tale of a giant throwing that very rock there in a failed attempt to destroy a church. 
My family has lived on this
soil since at least the 1500's and I truly feel connected to it. As for my home me and my wife are 
very interested in home decor, specifically antiques and such. Some people may find it creepy or weird, but that's fine

10.If possible in the near future are you open to collaborating with other artists or musicians to create short video presentations of your art or making content for a short music video?

Yes. Collaborations can be very inspiring and gets one out of one's creative comfort zones, so I
welcome that.

11.So just to get us all to know what you offer better, If someone was to want it, do you provide and create custom art?
or do you just create what you are inspired to and set for someone to be drawn or attracted to?
Anything new you have created or anything you really want to mention or share with us?

I have done some custom art and it has worked out well, but I mainly do my own thing. 

I always strive to evolve and find new artistic outlets, right now I'm concentrating on my digital art in which I mix photography and drawings. 

I am not the most disciplined of artists so I really have to
go where my intuition takes me. I have some exhibitions coming up this year, and that will push me into areas I normally wouldn't go.  Keep your fingers crossed.

12.So this last question is open for you to say or add anything you want, mention any work or
any message you want to say to us readers?
any parting words?

Thank you for featuring me, and thank you for all the work you are doing for the global heathen
community! Skål!

Special Thank You to Marten and Maia Ytell, your artwork and crafts are truly awesome and have a very unique, inspiring style. 
I encourage you both to continue to create, we look forward to seeing more and wish you all the best Thank You!

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